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  • 1- A Day in the Life of Dustin Johnson
    With his recent Tour Championship victory, Dustin Johnson has secured his #1 spot in the world golf rankings and is the strong favorite going into the U.S. Open. Find out how Dustin consistently stays above his competition—and how you can too – with with a look at his daily routine.
  • 2- Tiger and Phil’s Downhill Battle
    Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson have blazed the summit of modern golf, but have they reached their peak?
  • 3- How to Fuel Up for your Next Round
    A study done by the Royal Canadian Golf Association found that players burn an average of 2000-2500 calories per round. How you fuel and hydrate your body can make a big difference to your game. What is the best fuel to help lower your score?
  • 4- Tips and Strategies
    You do not have to be highly skilled, strong, athletic, have great hand eye coordination or any of that to become a better putter. You’re only moving the putter back and through a couple of feet.
  • 5- Meet Steve Bosdosh
    Meet Steve Bosdosh, GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher and proud sponsor of the TourAngle training aids products.