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Introducing the Tour Angle golf training aid products.


The most complete set of golf training aids for a
more consistent, accurate, repeatable swing and stroke.
The Tour Angle 144 will help you with better set up, better swing, and lower scores. Feel a more correct and a consistent set up every time.
As seen on Golf Channel, ESPN, CBS and TNT.
The Tour Angle Zero will help you learn to set up for better strokes and fewer putts. Learn to aim better and make more putts.
Practice Putting with the 360 and 360XL.
If you can hole the XL, you will make
more putts
You Get
The most complete
training aid kit to help you
make more putts. 
Putt Kit Includes:
- Tour Angle ZERO
- Tour Angle 180
- Tour Angle 360
- Tour Angle Mirror
- Canvas Carry Bag
- Ball Marker

The tour angle training aid products are designed to provide golfers with the most accurate feedback to ensure your practice is perfect. These products will give you the correct posture for a very consistent, accurate, repeatable swing and stroke. Reduce your chance for errors and ultimately improve your golf swing and lower your handicap.

Steve Bosdosh, PGA

Steve Bosdosh Golf Academy at PB Dye

GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher

PGA Certified Teacher

I see players all the time make compensations in their swing or stroke to make up for poor aim/alignment and set up. Once their compensations become grooved, then you start to see some really poor results, or at the very least they do not improve! I have to teach players to see what it looks like to aim properly, to set up properly and then the brain learns they do not have to make compensations in the stroke. The less we compensate, the simpler to repeat the stroke, more holed putts, you shoot lower scores!

The Tour Angle training aids will give you the correct posture for a very consistent, accurate, repeatable swing and stroke. 

I recommend this to all my students.

New and innovative Tour Angle products are coming soon.


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