Our Story

TourAngle training aids offer simple yet effective solutions to your swing. Originally developed by David Kardos with the collaboration of GOLF Magazine’s Top 100 Teacher Steve Boshdosh, each TourAngle product is specifically designed to direct your swing path into a more consistent and successful trajectory from 300-yard fairway bombs to the 7-foot putt. 

Practice makes perfect, but practicing a bad swing full of compensations actually worsens it. Some training aids try to force the body into a correct swing, making you over-correct once the training aid is removed. But swinging with a TourAngle training aid is unlike any other. From driving with an inconsistent forearm-shaft angle to unbalanced putts on the green, our products help you feel and sense what your swing is trying to tell you. Instead of molding the body into a correct swing, TourAngle highlights all areas of what is and isn’t working, bringing more definition to all dynamic angles and promoting good posture. 

Since the success of our training aid the TourAngle-144, TA has grown to the ultimate golf-training platform. From developing more advanced training aids to instructional videos and editorial content the TA brand serves to target every compensation in a swing, helping golfer’s play the game without doubt or hesitation.  

Our weekly newsletter, The TourAngle Drive, covers all areas of the golf spectrum. From swing analysis to nutritional tips to fuel your game, the Drive hones in on how to make the game better for everyone. 

Please email us at info@tourangle.com for any questions regarding TourAngle’s products and site. TourAngle is committed to bringing the highest quality products and golf content on the web.