Master Class Power Swing Formula
Master Class Power Swing Formula

Master Class Power Swing Formula

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Join Steve Bosdosh, Golf Magazine TOP 100 Teacher, in his New Master Class Power Swing Formula!

These lessons are designed in simple to digest nuggets of information to master the power swing. Which is a crucial component of the game for developing speed and distance. The lessons cover various aspects of the swing, from the grip and stance to the backswing and follow-through, and provide tips and drills for self improvement. With Steve's expertise and guidance, you can develop a powerful and efficient swing and take your game to the next level.

Over 1 hour and 40 minutes of video with Steve Bosdosh! 30 video lessons!


The Master Class Power Formula Includes These Lessons:


  1. Slice Fixer
  2. Grip Fixer
  3. Common Grip Faults
  4. Grip Drill
  5. Your Best Grip
  6. Back Swing Fix
  7. Back Swing Drill
  8. Body Pivot
  9. Body Pivot Drill
  10. Fixing A Slice With Your Driver
  11. TourAngle 144
  12. Baseball Swing, Good Or Bad?
  13. Drill For Better Iron Play
  14. What's The Proper Ball Placement For You?
  15. Knockdown Drill For Better Contact
  16. Drills For Your Driver
  17. Hands/Wrists/Arms, How To Use?
  18. Senior Only
  19. How To Hit The Sweet Spot
  20. Drill To Start Your Swing
  21. Stop Slicing!
  22. Proper Set Up
  23. Flying Elbow
  24. Better Body Turn
  25. How To Shallow Out Your Swing
  26. How To Square Up Your Face
  27. Chicken Wing Fix
  28. Max Out Your Speed
  29. Get Behind the Ball For Better Ball Striking
  30. Drill To Help You Find The Sweet Spot