1. Starting Off

Place the grip channel between your middle and ring finger at the base of your left hand (for ‘right’ handed golfers).

Place the butt of the grip in grip channel of the device.

Take your full grip, securing the device. Be sure your club faces square.

2. The Backswing

Take your address position and feel the tip of the device touching the inside (or bottom) of your left wrist - NEVER the outside.

Keep the tip touching your wrist as you take the club back to waist high to ensure a unified, ‘one-piece’ take-a-way.

Then keep turning your shoulders until the device naturally breaks away.

3. The Downswing

CASTING: If you ‘cast’ or ‘throw’ the club at the start of your downswing, the tip of the device will alert you by hitting your wrist.

HOLD THE ANGLE: The device will teach you to ‘hold the angle’ until you release the club at the bottom of your swing where you’ll, again, feel the device hit your wrist.

We strongly recommend that you watch our video tutorial on our TourAngle.com website or by scanning the QR code on the front of this booklet.