5- Meet Steve Bosdosh

PGA Certified and GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher and proud sponsor of the TourAngle training aids.

TA: I read your bio on your website and know you played in three PGA Tour events. Which one was your favorite (or most memorable) and why?  

SB: My favorite, and most memorable, PGA Tour event was my first one: the Anheuser Busch Classic. I played at the Kingsmill River Course which is a great course with great hospitality by the event/sponsors. I got to pick out a courtesy car to drive my family around for the week. My 2 little children got to walk inside the ropes with their dad during the second round which was very cool amongst all the spectators. 

TA: What do you enjoy most about your job as a golf instructor?    

SB: I love helping people with their games. I love watching a slicer smile when they hit their first hook. I love watching the faces of players, who at first couldn’t hit their ball very far, pick up an extra 20 yards. My students become some of my family’s best friends. I love that great relationships are built through teaching the game. 

TA: How and why did you get involved with Tour Angle?  

SB: Several years ago, the original inventor, David Kardos, called me out of the blue in late fall. He asked to book a lesson. After I booked him, he said, “I actually don’t want a lesson. I’d like an hour of your time to show you my new training device”. We had lunch one cold afternoon when he said the training device was in his pocket. I thought, here we go again, as I’d thought many times before. So many of these ideas have been brought to me over the years. When he showed it to me, I thought I just wasted an hour of my time. But David showed me his research and studies of all tour players and how he created something that would help players of all abilities set up like a tour player, with every club every time, all on their own! When I actually tried the device, we both saw how many various things it actually corrected, and the idea was born! 

TA: What are some of the most common mistakes among amateur golfers? How can Tour Angle help to address this common issue?  

SB: By far, the most common mistake is set up issues. Incorrect set up then leads to a “ripple effect” of errors as the swing starts in motion. The TA144 helps players set up the same way each and every time! The TA Zero helps players set up the same way every time with their putter. Once they are set up correctly, the swing becomes more fundamentally correct. 

TA: What do you think is the best Tour Angle product and why?  

SB: The best Tour Angle product, in my opinion, are the ones that don’t make you do it correctly.  They are the ones you have to do correctly, on your own, with the assistance of the device. That’s what the TA products do – help you correct your mistakes on your own! 

TA: Who is the most exciting player on tour right now and why?  

SB: Dustin Johnson, simply because he can overpower a golf course with his length and distance! He is very exciting to watch. 

TA: What is your favorite course?  

SB: Moon Light Basin in Big Sky Montana. The vistas are the best. Every hole, from the first tee to the last, is a “signature” hole! Couple that with the wildlife you will see, and it makes for a memorable day!