1- A Day in the Life of Dustin Johnson

How he Stays Above the Competition

Arguably, the most talked about golfer on the tour this summer was Dustin Johnson. With his victory in the Tour Championship, Dustin has confidently secured his #1 spot in the world golf rankings and is one of the favorites to win the Masters this November.

People are always curious to find out how the #1 golfer stays above the competition. The game of golf is an endless battle of consistency so it is always interesting to learn how players like Dustin Johnson accomplish this. Here’s a look at Dustin’s daily routine and training.

Morning routine

Dustin wakes up between 6:30 and 7:00, eats breakfast and drinks his morning coffee. He usually eats oatmeal with fruit, or eggs. After that, he heads to the gym with his trainer Joey Diovisalvi, who is known to train with various other golfers on the tour including Brooks Koepka and Rickie Fowler.

Daily workout session

Including warm up, Dustin Johnson spends around two hours a day in the gym. Each day, he focuses on an individual body part to train. One exercise Dustin always includes is a core/ab workout. According to Joey Diovisalvi, core is the most important workout for golfers as it helps prevent shoulder and lower back pain. For these workouts, no special tools are needed. For many exercises, all they use is a medicine ball, dumbbells, barbells, or a yoga ball. These can all be found at your local gym.

The NBC Golf Channel website provides excellent instructional videos of Dustin Johnson’s workouts. His workout routine for golf is not only great for feeling healthy on the course, it is extremely beneficial for your overall health.

Tee time

After his workout session, he will eat an almond butter and jelly sandwich and hydrate with water or a BODYARMOR drink before going to his tee time. One interesting part of Dustin’s training is that he does not prefer to train at the driving range, except for when practicing chip shots. He believes it is best to just get out and practice on an actual course.

One important aspect of Dustin’s training is that when he feels he is in bad form, he will re-watch videos of his swing from when he was in good form. This shows that even the world’s best players have trouble getting out of a rut. This strategy can be utilized by anyone. Next time you go out on the course or the driving range, try and get a friend to record several of your shots. Save the videos of you hitting a great shot and refer back to it next time you find yourself in bad form.

Dustin finishes his day with a meal that consists of chicken or fish with quinoa, brown rice, or veggies.  

Dustin Johnson’s daily routine shows that to stay consistent on the golf course, you need to stay consistent in the gym and with your diet. There is a reason Dustin is considered the most athletic golfer on the tour and clearly his commitment to exercising has benefited his golf game.