TourAngle 144 Swing Aid


Golf Swing Training Aid

  • Multiple swing benefits for all skill levels
  • Long and short game
  • Promotes proper posture, set-up and address
  • One-piece takeaway and backswing
  • Proper downswing “ball then divot” impact
  • Cures chipping yips
  • Cure Your Slice by Eliminating ‘Casting’ with Instant Feedback
  • Achieve a Natural Setup Position Across All Clubs to Improve Ball Striking
  • Instantly Switch Clubs on the Range or Course with NO Tools, Clamps, or Fasteners
  • Knock strokes off your game for less than the price of one round of golf

Includes: TourAngle 144, Carry Pouch, “The Basics & More” DVD,  Instructional Manual.


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