Target Circles – 3 foot Target Circles


Whether you are practicing pitching, chipping or driving, these 3 foot Target Circles are an excellent way to focus on your target. Recommended by golf coaches all over, these circles provide a clear target to aim at. The circles are incredibly thin and foldable so they are easy to carry and they don’t interfere with ball roll.

  • Thin and foldable design for ease of use, application and transportation
  • Ability to configure circles into various ways to create new training techniques and games
  • Incredibly durable material to withstand wear and tear of practice
  • Designed for left and right-handed swings

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Introducing the Target Spots (3 foot)

These circles provide a clear target to aim at. 

The Target Circles have 3 important features:

  • Super Thin – They are very thin so the ball rolls over the target without disturbance.
  • Multiple Configurations – They can be made into full and half circles for all the games your brain can come up with.
  • Durable – They are made with sewn webbing hinges and shatter resistant plastic to withstand the rigors of practice.

The bright stripes can be easily seen as you create your own games for putting, chipping and pitching. Focus on landing targets as well as “closest to the cup” targets.

**Works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers**