Speed Trap 2.0


Speed Trap 2.0 New Features

  • Wider to make it easier for your Driver
  • Tethers – in case you hit a guide rod it will stay close for your next swing
  • Larger velcro to keep the rods in place over-and-over again
  • Longer slot to give more room for you to “trap” the ball
  • Brighter alignment stripe for your eyes to see the intended line
  • Carry bag with a zippered pouch to hold your rods and tethers
  • Backed with the instruction you need to know what to do with the Speed Trap 2.0 to improve – not just flail away in confusion

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Introducing the Speed Trap 2.0 Swing Training Aid

Hit it Longer, Hit it Straighter!

Most golfers are frustrated with lousy shots and have no idea how to fix them. The Speed Trap 2.0 guides you to a swing that creates good shots in 3 steps. Golf is exciting and fun again!

The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 is the updated version of of Eyeline’s most popular product! Easily set up the Speed Trap to practice hitting a fade or draw or to fix your slice! The Speed Trap helps golfers of all skill levels practice their ball striking as well as improving their impact position.

Fix your Impact, Fix your Golf Game

The only thing that really matters in the golf swing is impact. Impact is everything, fix your impact, fix your golf game. The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 is here to help! Improve your golf game by quickly and easily improving impact, which leads to lower scores!

Works for all skill levels!

Whether you are a scratch handicap golfer or just trying to break 100, Speed Trap 2.0 can help. Low handicap golfers love to use the Speed Trap 2.0 to help improve impact and help them hit more consistent fades and draws and improve their workability. Higher handicap players can use the Speed Trap 2.0 to fix their hook or slice and improve their impact position.

Speed Trap is Adjustable to fix any swing error

The Eyeline Speed Trap 2.0 is completely adjustable to help fix any swing error. Since impact is the most important part of the golf swing fixing your impact will fix your golf game. If your missing shots to the right, easily adjust the Speed Trap 2.0 to correct your impact!

**Works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers**

Hit straighter shots and eliminate you slice or hook

Learn how to Draw or fix your slice

Golfer using Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 product shot

Master the Power Fade

Golfer using Eyeline Golf Speed Trap 2.0 product shot