Diamond – Putting Training Aid Combo


Ultimate Putting Training Solution:  Zero Delivers:

  • One Plane Set Up
  • Better Aim
  • More Consistent
  • Repeatable Stroke
  • Simple to Use
  • Instant Feedback
  • Works for both right handed and left handed players 

180 Delivers:

  • Square set up
  • Consistent putting
  • Fewer strokes
  • Fewer putts
  • Simple to use and gives instant feedback

Includes: TourAngle Zero, TourAngle 180,  instructional manuals.

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Introducing the Ultimate Putting Training Aid Combo

Take Strokes Off Your Putting Game

This Combo Delivers

One Plane Set Up
Better Aim
More Consistency
More Accuracy
Repeatable Stroke


“Better alignment for better strokes for fewer putts”

Steve Bosdosh

PGA Certified &
GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher

Learn What a Square Set Up Feels Like

Pendulum Putting Stroke

Maximum Consistency

Perfect set up, impact and balance.


Retrain Your Set Up

Learn to aim more consistently for a more consistent putting stroke

When players are miss aimed, they have to make compensations in their stroke to fix the poor aim.
These two products will help you aim better, make better strokes, and make more putts.


It’s all about the Aim

Simple to Use

The TourAngle Putting Combo will help you learn to set up for better strokes and fewer putts.
Learn to aim better and make more putts.


Pro Tips
Steve Bosdosh

PGA Certified &
GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher

Automatically sets you up square.
Teaches you what aiming straight feels like.
• Simple and effective to use.
Gives you Instant feedback

“It’s amazing what this will do for your putting”