Check Point Swing Laser


Check Point Golf Swing Trainer Features

  • Easily attaches to any golf club
  • Features two lasers to ensure proper positions on backswing and downswing
  • Quickly and easily train your mind to the correct positions in the golf swing
  • Repetition breeds new habits
  • Down Laser shows and corrects your swing path
  • Up laser shows and corrects your swing plane
  • Easily retrain your body and mind to return the club face squarely at impact
  • Create Maximum Club Head speed and impact
  • Hottest Golf Swing Trainer
  • Batteries Included

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Introducing the Check Point Swing Laser

Feel the correct positions of your swing to create the maximum club speed and distance.

The Eyeline Check Point Laser has quickly become one of the most popular golf swing training aids and for good reason. It takes all the guess work out of the golf swing. Simply track the laser on included strip to ensure the club is in all of the correct positions. Easily fix common swing errors and improve your ball striking with the Check Point Laser from Eyeline Golf!

Develop Better Swing Habits

The worlds best golf pros are constantly training and retraining their body and mind to get into the correct positions throughout the golf swing. They will be on the range for hours with their golf coach working on crucial positions of the golf swing to achieve better impact. Most of us don’t have swing coaches and hours to spend on the range. That’s where the Eyeline Check Point golf swing trainer comes in! In just minutes a day retrain your body to the correct positions.

It’s all about Impact

You will hear us talk about this all over our website and social media pages. Impact is everything! Why buy a golf swing trainer that doesn’t focus on impact! The Check Point swing laser will help you get in the correct positions to achieve better impact and better ball striking. It trains you to get the delayed impact that the pros strive for. If you strike the ball correctly you will compress it and hit more solid golf shots. When your positions in the golf swing are off you will hit weak shots off center and off target.

Get the Eyeline Check Point Laser Today!

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**Works for both right-handed and left-handed golfers**

How it works

The Check Point easily attaches to your club by slipping it into the club shaft near the head and sliding it up until snug. Each laser uses an included AAA battery (cheap and easy to replace).

1. Work on taking the club back to waist high, keeping the first laser on the stripe.
If the laser is pointing outside of the stripe, the hands are working too much away from the body.  If the laser is inside of the stripe the club head is swinging too much around the body.

Golfer showing how the Check Point Swing Laser works

2. Work on getting the second laser to enter the target side of the stripe as the hands swing from waist high to the top of the swing. If the laser points outside of the stripe the club is too flat.  If the laser is inside of the stripe the club is too steep.

Golfer showing how the Check Point Swing Laser works

3. Make 10 very slow motion swings with the lasers tracking the stripe back and through. Using another club without the lasers on it, hit five shots trying to replicate the same feel. Repeat this process.

Golfer showing how the Check Point Swing Laser works