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  1. Hello,

    I am currently in a position where i’m looking to upgrade irons and or putter. The dilemma I am having is that I cant seem to pull the trigger on a new set or putter because I keep telling myself I need to improve myself first (flexibility, strength, swing, etc) before I spend hundreds on new clubs. I am probably a 15 hcp as we speak right now, with hopes to make big improvements this summer with the off-season work I’ve been putting in.

    My question is, is this a flawed way of thinking? All my buddies are spending all this money on new clubs and such and I cant help but think they’d be better off getting a lesson with their current clubs and spending time on the practice green.

    1. Great question from Connor regarding should I spend my money on new equipment or lessons? The short answer is it depends!

      Greater equipment with the poor fundamentals won’t produce what you want, solid fundamentals with poor equipment will hold you back from reaching your potential.

      More important than the quality of the equipment IMO is the fitting of that equipment. If you have clubs that are 4-5 years old BUT have been fitted for you properly then I’d say you’re safe with that and suggest you spend the money with a local PGA Certified Teacher to help with your fundamentals. If you have not been fit for your current equipment, then I’d visit a PGA Professional and have them check your current equipment for how well they fit you and your swing.

      With today’s launch monitors it’s super easy to see if something is in fact better or not. If the fitting is reasonably accurate, then invest the money in lessons on ALL subjects of the game, not just the full swing! Include chipping, putting, sand, playing lesson and full swing.

      I’d like to send you a Tour Angle training product because we selected your question and love to have you try it, send us your feedback on what you think?

      Keep us posted on what your handicap does this season, would love to help you lower it to a 10!

      Happy golfing!


      Steve Bosdosh, PGA
      Steve Bosdosh Golf Academy at PB Dye
      GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher
      PGA Certified Teacher

  2. Hello.
    Lefty here.
    I have a super strong golf grip. Left thumb is directly on the left side of the grip when looking down from my angle. It feels very natural to me and I strike the ball very solid and hit pretty long. I am also double jointed in the arms (think this is why I like a strong grip as I can flex my elbow and arm a crazy degree around). My bad shots are a horrible hook (usually starts pretty straight/sometimes pulled). And I know this is because I close the face and have a strong grip. I’ve tried a more neutral grip and it feels very weak to me and I shank/top and hit the ball horribly everytime. Is there anything else I can do to improve my ball flight to not hook so horribly without compromising on my grip too much, because that feels so natural and powerful for me and I still hit awesome shots like that 60 percent of the time. Happens with Driver- 7/8 iron and not wedges. Thanks!

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