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  1. Been playing tommy armour 845’s for years. Now in my early 70’s, is there a better set of irons out there? Comfortable with using a three wood off the tee as well as adapted call away 7 wood. Any suggestions, prefer the look and feel of a steel shaft, open to used , three to five year older model.

    1. Matt, very tricky question for me to answer……..the new models are better, the question is ‘how much better’? The only way to tell is on a launch monitor. More importantly to me would be the fitting of the club, does it fit your current swing? THATS the real question. My guess is no? I would find a good local PGA fitter and have him check the new stuff against your current stuff, see what/if much of a difference? I would think a good fitter could find a better model/set that would reward your miss hits a little better, make your good shots better. Look for lighter, more flexible shafts, little bigger sweet spot heads. You may be pleasantly surprised at the difference. The equipment of the last 3-5 years has gotten so good any top brand would work fine, the fitting is the KEY!!!

      Keep me posted, thanks!

  2. I’m a newish golfer at age 66 and I’m wondering about the difference between the swing with a fairway wood or hybrid hit off the ground. Is it more of a sweep like a driver off a tee or more of an iron swing. Thank you.

    1. Dave, great question, thanks for asking! We get that question asked often. The ONLY two clubs you swing UP on would be the driver and the putter. All other clubs must be approaching the ball on a downward attack angle. So to directly answer your question, swing the fairway metal and hybrids like an iron, DOWN! The divot should be IN FRONT of where the ball was sitting. Hope that helps!

  3. I use a ShotScope V3. Once I have putted out, I have to press one button whilst near the hole, to register the pin position. I was recently admonished by a casual opponent (I don’t play in competitions), because he said that the half a second that I took to do this as I lifted my ball from the cup, was a breach of etiquette. I realise I could wait until everyone has finished putting, but what do you think? Thanks, Paul.

    1. Paul, I would stop playing with that guy! Not a breach of etiquette at all (IMO), really takes no time at all, you are not in anyone’s way. Find a new playing partner that’s more fun! (maybe he gets upset bc you are beating him all the time????)

  4. Shelly isn’t sure what kind of putter to get. She is 5’3” and is struggling to keep the putter square at impact with a 34”. Her common miss with her puts is to the right and short. Is a mallet or blade style putter a better fit for her? Recommend a putter and describe why it would improve her game.

    1. HI Amber, thanks for the question!
      I will assume that Shelly is right handed? At that Height I would try a 32-32.5″ putter length, it would also depend on how long her arms were but 32-32.5 would do nicely. It would allow her arms to hang a little more naturally instead of being “bunched up” to accommodate a longer putter. I would try a couple ideas for the right miss:
      1: move the ball a little forward in the stance, this would give the putter an extra inch or so time to square up and look straighter at the target.
      2: place 2 balls side by side touching, the putter face should line up and be touching both golf balls. Now make a stroke TRYING to make the toe side ball move first. This would encourage more of a “release” of the putter face helping to stop the right miss.
      3: I tend to favor the mallet styles as the sweet spot is little bigger than the blade putters, mallets also have a higher MOI which is less twisting on miss hit putts. The blade putters tend to have a smaller sweet spot and can be slightly more difficult to hit consistent.

      Keep me posted on your progress, thanks again!

      Steve Bosdosh, PGA
      GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher

  5. I have played golf for 50 years and consider myself a pretty good golfer…about a 10 hndcp. This year I am dealing with the heal of the club hitting the ground which immediately shuts the club down and the ball hardly gets airborne. How can I correct the round-wrecking problem. Thanks. Bill Wall

    1. Thanks for the question Bill!

      Couple thoughts, its either the lie angle is off or the swing has an excessive shallow/in2out path. If the divots are pointing out to the right of the target, then is a swing issue. Generally caused by the body being little too closed at impact, which could be encouraged by the ball position being little too far back in stance. Make sure ball is placed left of center, up under the logo on your shirt (for right handed golfer), also check you stance. Would help if the feet were set up little more open. This helps the body rotate little more thru the shot.

      If the swing path is reasonable, then have the lie angles checked by a local PGA Professional. They will place tape on the bottom of the sole of each club, hit a few shots off a plastic lie board and then bend them accordingly.

      Keep us posted!

  6. Hi. Can i mark my ball on the green even tho the other player or players are not on the green yet,or do i have to wait until all are on the green to mark up.

    1. HI Carl, great question. You have control over you ball and may mark it when you like. In the “old days”, under match play rules, your opponent used to control your ball. They have since done away with that rule.

  7. Do you use the same club on a level t box, as on elevated t box say 80′ on the side of a large hill for lets say, for both a par 3, 150yd, same distant on both

    1. HI Jordan, thanks for the question!
      No, you would NOT use the same club. On downhill shots, the ball stays in the air longer thereby travelling a longer distance. On uphill shots, the ball would not travel as far and hits the ground “sooner” so it flies shorter. Best advice I can give is to invest in a range finder that has slope built into it. That way in practice you can learn what a 5 yard uphill or downhill slope looks like and take more or less club. Hope that helsp, all the best.

  8. Hello.
    Lefty here.
    I have a super strong golf grip. Left thumb is directly on the left side of the grip when looking down from my angle. It feels very natural to me and I strike the ball very solid and hit pretty long. I am also double jointed in the arms (think this is why I like a strong grip as I can flex my elbow and arm a crazy degree around). My bad shots are a horrible hook (usually starts pretty straight/sometimes pulled). And I know this is because I close the face and have a strong grip. I’ve tried a more neutral grip and it feels very weak to me and I shank/top and hit the ball horribly everytime. Is there anything else I can do to improve my ball flight to not hook so horribly without compromising on my grip too much, because that feels so natural and powerful for me and I still hit awesome shots like that 60 percent of the time. Happens with Driver- 7/8 iron and not wedges. Thanks!

    1. Hi Luke, thanks for the question!
      Couple of thoughts to consider:
      1. There are players with very strong grips that play at a very high level. They have to open up their body/rotate much more aggressively before impact. That opening up of the body helps stabilize the club face better through impact/helps tone down the hook. Setting up more open with your stance would help achieve this.
      2. Can also try opening up the club face BEFORE you take your reg grip. You get to keep your normal/comfortable grip but the face is just little more open.
      Keep me posted, thanks!

  9. Hello,

    I am currently in a position where i’m looking to upgrade irons and or putter. The dilemma I am having is that I cant seem to pull the trigger on a new set or putter because I keep telling myself I need to improve myself first (flexibility, strength, swing, etc) before I spend hundreds on new clubs. I am probably a 15 hcp as we speak right now, with hopes to make big improvements this summer with the off-season work I’ve been putting in.

    My question is, is this a flawed way of thinking? All my buddies are spending all this money on new clubs and such and I cant help but think they’d be better off getting a lesson with their current clubs and spending time on the practice green.

    1. Great question from Connor regarding should I spend my money on new equipment or lessons? The short answer is it depends!

      Greater equipment with the poor fundamentals won’t produce what you want, solid fundamentals with poor equipment will hold you back from reaching your potential.

      More important than the quality of the equipment IMO is the fitting of that equipment. If you have clubs that are 4-5 years old BUT have been fitted for you properly then I’d say you’re safe with that and suggest you spend the money with a local PGA Certified Teacher to help with your fundamentals. If you have not been fit for your current equipment, then I’d visit a PGA Professional and have them check your current equipment for how well they fit you and your swing.

      With today’s launch monitors it’s super easy to see if something is in fact better or not. If the fitting is reasonably accurate, then invest the money in lessons on ALL subjects of the game, not just the full swing! Include chipping, putting, sand, playing lesson and full swing.

      I’d like to send you a Tour Angle training product because we selected your question and love to have you try it, send us your feedback on what you think?

      Keep us posted on what your handicap does this season, would love to help you lower it to a 10!

      Happy golfing!


      Steve Bosdosh, PGA
      Steve Bosdosh Golf Academy at PB Dye
      GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher
      PGA Certified Teacher

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