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Only $24.95

"Hole the XL and make more putts"

- Steve Bosdosh, GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher

  360 Delivers  

  True Roll  

  Better Aim  

  More Consistency  

  More Accuracy  

  Repeatable Stroke  

Learn to Roll the Ball

Ball Design Allows for 

Instant Feedback

Correct your alignment by rolling the ball with no wobble.

Aim Correctly

Align your ball and make more putts.

Simple to Use


Steve Boshdosh

GOLF Magazine TOP 100 Teacher

Learn to Make a True Roll 

Improve Aim  

Make More Consistent Putts

Simple to Use with Immediate Results  

"If you can hole the XL, you will make more putts"

Tour Angle 360

Only $24.95

Golf Putting Training Aid

  • Learn to Roll the Ball

  • Aim Correctly

  • Instant Feedback

  • Simple to Use

  • Instantly Feedback

  • Left and Right Handed

Includes: Two Red/White Regulation Size Balls, Two Large Red/White Balls, and Instructional Booklet.

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